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Dharmil Sheth

Understanding the Vision !

franchisee meet

In the month of September and October 2021, franchisee meets were held in 5 different cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata with the objective of productive interaction on between new management and the network. There was an interface between our new leaders and the network, followed by a fruitful discussion on the recently introduced policies by

our new board of directors, Mr. Dharmil Sheth. The incentive structure that was thoughtfully brought together by the vision of our new management was discussed at length.

New Initiatives

Listed below are some major changes in the staff-work policies that have been implemented.

This meet provided a forum for open discussion regarding the concerns of the TSPs (Thyrocare Service Providers) and the management to be able to deliver tangible solutions. This event also made it possible for the new management to connect with the TSPs and brought to focus the importance of customer satisfaction. With a vision to cater to every customer with anything and everything under healthcare affordably, our board of directors is leading the customer front.

Dr. AVM was also present in some of the meetings to help
the network understand the vision of new management.

An opportunity like this provided a unique chance to the network to share ideas and gain a better understanding
of the partnership ahead. We intend to host similar gatherings more o en.New Initiatives Setting milestones along the way, Thyrocare has always supported Growth


Setting milestones along the way

Brand Nuclear was blocked

To avoid multiple brands and confusion in the network; bi branding concept was removed.

Billing logic changes

A billing logic for both Aarogyam and Non-Aarogyam packages were streamlined to avoid billing confusion.

Non-Compliance debits

Revised logic was implemented and also some of the debits
were removed.

Covid WOE steps reduction

To reduce multiple steps in COVID WOE, the steps were reduced from 20 to 8 on total.

Test Rate Reduction

Learning, growing, and adapting to the changing needs of our Franchisee partners, we reduced the rates of some vital tests. Rates of different tests like thyroid tests, tests for blood glucose, hemogram, prostate specific an gen and more have been reduced Upto 50%!

Dual pick up

This has been implemented in 8 cities (Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR, Patna, Chennai, Pune, and Mumbai & Bangalore) thereby significantly reducing our Pre-Analytical TAT.

Credit limit policy was revised

This was done to make it more favorable and as uniform as possible to ensure none of our channel partners loose anything in the process.

27*7 Network support

24*7 availability of support team via WhatsApp to help our channel partners cater to consumer needs seamlessly.

Aarogyam Utsav Packages

his festive me, to embark on wellness affordably, the festival campaign was launched with packages like Aarogyam Utsav 1, 2, 3, 4 lasting through October at unbelievably low rates. We are continuing our next set of Utsav packages for the month of November.

Incentive Plan announced

We are pleased to announce the commencement of monthly and semi-annual incentive plans from 1st October 2021. Accordingly, monthly NOVID baseline revenue will be set for each player based on their performance history. Incentive will be calculated on incremental NOVID revenue above the baseline. Bumper incen ves will be offered semi-annually for consistent performance. Let’s keep the excitement going!

Event Gallery

Franchise Meet At Mumbai

Franchisee Meet – Hyderabad

Franchisee Meet – Coimbatore

Franchisee Meet – Delhi


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