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Training For Fire Safety


October 2021

A Drill for Safety

The work environment must not only aid in enhancing productivity of the employees but also make them prepared for certain unexpected mishaps or accidents that may occur. In such situations, proper planning, preparation, and training save the day!

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About Fire Safety

On October 30, 2021, our Administration Department at Thyrocare organized a fire drill. The purpose of the drill

Was to prepare the staff to handle emergency situations such as accidental fire or other situations that need immediate evacuation. A set of guidelines to be followed during the evacuation was compiled and shared with the fire marshals stationed at every floor who then guided the employees during the drill. As a pre-safety measure, pregnant women and specially-abled staff were advised to sit in the canteen during the drill. A total of 717 people were able to evacuate the building in six minutes with no chaos or injury.

At the assembly point, the fire officer demonstrated the use of various fire extinguishers, and a few staff volunteers were welcomed to try the same. Mr. Aditya Shinde commended the efforts of the Administration Department, addressed the employees as well as hinted that such safety drills would be randomly conducted even in the future to check the preparedness when there is an element of surprise.

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